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Best Practices for TracTrac events

This articles is a central repository of TracTrac tips and tricks.  It is a work in progress that will be updated regularly.


  1. Provide a centralized charging table at your event.
  2. Charging pads come in sets of 10 or 20.  Sort your trackers by their unique ID and then label the charging pads showing where each tracker goes
  3. The charging pads will slowly blink red when they are charging correctly.  Both LEDs on the trackers will blink simultaneously when charging and be solid once charged.  The chargers are green when a device is not charging and blink green/red when there is a fault.  See pictures below for the ideal alignment of the devices on the charging pads
  4. Trackers should be fully charged when they arrive.  However, it is wise to place all the trackers on the charging pads the night before the event just in case.
  5. If the trackers are in sleep mode, wake them up 60+ minutes before needing them because it can take up to 60 seconds to power on
  6. Charge trackers nightly.  They can be left in the charging pouch
  7. To power on the Trackers, hold the power button until you feel it vibrate (roughly 7 seconds).  The LEDs that up to 30 seconds to turn on
  8. Put the trackers in Sleep mode right after racing is finished to save battery and speed up charging
  9. When your event is finished
    1. Rinse tracker bags
    2. Charge all the trackers
    3. Once full, turn them off by sending the Turn Off command to all the devices or holding the power button for 7 seconds.  The LEDs will remain on for about 30 seconds
    4. Take a full inventory and mail them back the day after your event.  The trackers are in high demand.  If you delay, there is a good chance you will create a problem for the next renter and be charged a 5% penalty per day (until the trackers show as shipped)