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Hardware and software version notes

Below is the hardware, software, and firmware history for the MarkSetBot.  Here are links that take you to each section:


Hardware history:

Version 4.11 - 9/1/2023 - Sames as 4.10 but with thicker topside material

Version 4.10 - 7/1/2022 - Same as Version 4.9 but with snap hooks for the topside tighter and tow bridle D ring mounts on the inside of the pontoons 

Version 4.9 - 6/16/2022 - Same as Version 4.8 but with snap hooks for topside replaced with G Hooks as a retrofit to lock the topside tighter.

Version 4.8 - 3/1/2022 - Same as Version 4.7 but steering motor sealed with 3M 4200 and shimmed to put more pressure on the seals.

Version 4.7 - 9/25/2021 - Same as Version 4.6 but with snap hooks for topside (replacing straps and buckles) and less slope to the topside as the rings get smaller

Version 4.6 - 9/25/2021 - Sam as Version 4.5 but Amphenol connectors on the ProNav Upper and Lower units, and flush mounting of the ProNav Lower units.

Version 4.5 - 8/1/2021 - Same as Version 4 but with bigger diameter pontoons that taper up, spin preventer bumper to replace spin cap, motor gap moved to 7.5"

Version 4 - 12/1/2020 - Same as Version 3.7 but with 4 rings attached to each other with twist locks, d-rings added on each side of the Pelican case to hold it in place, 420 degree spin preventer (instead of 300 degree), ProNav HW2 lower (2 wires only) on starboard side of Minn Kota, deck mounts farther spread, motor raised up an additional 5.5" (to 10" gap), carrying handles moved closer to each other, lock washers added to deck fasteners, extra waterproofing on control board

Version 3.7 - 6/1/2020 - Same as Version 3.6 but with a larger view port in the Minn Kota head that is made of clear acrylic and Pixel 2 instead of Nexus 5X.

Version 3.6 - 3/1/2020 - Same as Version 3.5 but with ProNav Upper mounted higher in the Minn Kota head via a screw and bracket.

Version 3.5 - 2/1/2020 - Same as Version 3.4 but with separate rings that are connected via aluminum poles

Version 3.4 - 1/1/2020 - Same as Version 3.3 but with separate rings that are attached via buckles

Version 3.3 - 8/25/2019 - Same as Version 3.2 but with ProNav lower moved from deck to being mounted on the Minn Kota port side, starports replaced by aluminum track, and charging/pump port waterproof terminals soldered instead of screwed in place.

Version 3.2 - 7/1/2019 - Same as Version 3.1 but with stronger buckles for the topside that are removeable on both sides

Version 3.1 - 7/1/2019 - Same as Version 3.0 but with charging/pump port that is waterproofed (screw terminals)

Version 3.0 - 6/4/2019 - Same as version 2.7 but with inflatable hull instead of aluminum, keels replacing rudder, spin preventer, waterproof/breathable patch/tube on Minn Kota, custom USB C charger, waterproof push button power switch, and ProNav firmware

Version 2.8 - 6/4/2019 - Same as Version 2.7 but with keels replacing rudder, spin preventer, waterproof/breathable patch/tube on Minn Kota, custom USB C charger, waterproof push button power switch, and ProNav firmware

Version 2.7 - 4/3/2019 - Same as version 2.6 but with ProNav in the head of the motor

Version 2.6 - 3/1/2019 - Same as Version 2.5 but with custom foam insert for case

Version 2.5 - 2/1/2019 - Same as Version 2.4 but with Starports and Starport Adapters for quick motor mounting

Version 2.4 - 1/21/2019 - Same as Version 2.3 but with inflatable topside

Version 2.3 - 11/4/2018 - Same as Version 2.2 but with pontoon straps to prevent forward and aft slippage and lower ProNav without foot pedal cable and with new waterproof seals

Version 2.2 - 8/19/2018 - Same as Version 2.1 but with dome straps changed to bungee cords and M6 wing nut for dome changed to 1/4" 20 with cap bolt replacing wing nut.

Version 2.1 - 7/11/2018 - Same as Version 2.0 but with a dome topside and strap for Pelican goes under in box as well as above it

Version 2.0 - 5/1/2018 - Same hull as Version 1.2 but with Nexus 5X brain (Nano SIM)

Version 1.2 - 3/1/2018 - Wider hull with black deck, Pelican IM2275 case, and buckles for attaching cone

Version 1.1 - 9/1/2017 - Beta2 - Hull 1.0 but with different attachment tape on cone sections

Version 1.0 - 6/1/2017 - Beta1 - Hull with cone and Nexus 5 brain (Micro SIM)

Version .5 - 6/1/2016 - Alpha2 - Hull with Samsung brain

Version .1 - 6/1/2015 - Alpha1 - Hull with Intel Compute Stick brain


Software history:

Version 1.440 - 1/15/2024 - Bug fixes, GPS lock quality monitoring and logging

Version 1.418 - 10/11/2023 - Bug fixes, support for ProNav 2.2.75, detection and auto repair if cellular data drops, SMS backup for customers using KPN SIMs

Version 1.386 - 7/9/2023 - Bugs fixes, improvements to wind direction average, tweaks to gain settings for eProp motors

Version 1.378 - 5/10/2023 - Small bug fix to ProNav connection routine

Version 1.377 - 5/8/2023 - Bug fixes, position tracking to the cloud, support for GeoRacing, eProp Spirit EVO, Navy 3 EVO, and Navy 6.0 EVO support

Version 1.362 - 1/21/2023 - Bug fixes, defaulting navigation speed to 80%, SMS failover when data coverage isn't available, Offgrid Remote support for rebooting the Bot Phone

Version 1.351 - 8/26/2022 - Bug fixes, support for manual network selection to be triggered remotely, enhancements to auto re-anchor code, support for Hologram SIMs, enhancements to GoPro integration, one time GPS lookup via Bot Phone sensor, Bot Phone temp lookup in Bot Status screen.

Version 1.308 - 4/25/2022 - Bug fixes, DLL updates, lock down of ProNav and Battery Search buttons, addition of more buttons in Offgrid remote, increase of auto anchor retry loop (to 10 from 5), support for four new cellular providers (Hologram, Soracom, Telnyx, 1NCE), changing of HDOP threshold to 5000

Version 1.300 - 4/5/2022 - Bug fixes including Offgrid BLE server code and GoPro timeout increase.  Automation of phone provisioning (manually enabling Roaming is the only step left to automate), setting of LTE Only on Twilio SIMs automatically, support for Android 10 and 11 (not 12) on Bot Phone 

Version 1.291 - 2/28/2022 - Addition of align motor with COG to the Offgrid Remote, tweaking of gain settings for the GP Bot

Version 1.290 - 2/15/2022 - Bug fixes including increase to bad compass and GPS tolerance, slowing of default navigate thrust down to 90%, support for GP Bot and Super Bot anchoring and navigation gain settings.

Version 1.285 - 11/28/2021 - Bug fixes to ProNav Updater install process, handling of lat/longs with commas, support for new offgrid remote app (android only) via BLE Bot Phone server.

Version 1.280 - 10/8/2021 - Bug fix to Airmar wind instrument

Version 1.279 - 10/1/2021 - Bug fixes, change of battery alert from 8pm to 10pm, lowering of BT rate on Calypso Wind (designed for their latest firmware - available on our site), support for Airmar wind instruments, rewrite of routing code to be more efficient, reading of compass values/clearing of compass values (when paired with firmware 2.2.55+), setting speed of routes (instead of defaulting to 100%)

Version 1.266 - 6/10/2021 - Connectivity improvements for BT, GPS and cellular, speed change to 40% when stopping while anchoring/routing (for easier docking)

Version 1.258 - 4/26/2021 - BT improvements, SignalR improvements, added VHF functionality to count down during starts, Twilio auto configuration, GoPro control, alerts system for when Bot is left on or uncharged. Support for ProNav 2.2.51

Version 1.235 - 12/10/2020 - Bug fixes for SiganlR, routing, ProNav settings saving, and horn sequence processing.  Support for ProNav 2.2.49 and 2.2.50

Version 1.227 - 12/10/2020 - Bug fixes for spin prevention/routes/navigation/BT loss reporting, enhancements to VHF/loud speaker code.  Support for ProNav 2.2.43 and 2.2.44

Version 1.219 - 11/18/2020 - Bug fixes for internet connection routines, fixes to compass code in Calypso, RaceOS support including TracTrac, VHF, and SMS integration.  Support for ProNav 2.2.42

Version 1.202 - 10/2/2020 - Bug fixes to BT connection, horn sequences, and internet connection code.  Support for ProNav 2.2.38 with Lower HW version reporting

Version 1.199 - 9/23/2020 - Bug fixes, improvements to anchor guard including re-anchor, addition of BOTSTATUS when RESETPRONAV is run and when re-anchor happens

Version 1.190 - 8/22/2020 - Bug fixes, improvements to routing code, addition of RESTARTAPP feature, upgrade to backend libraries for bug reporting

Version 1.182 - 7/30/2020 - Shrink of buttons on Bot Phone screen, addition of phone's OS to be displayed in BotStatus.  Support for ProNav 2.2.33

Version 1.180 - 7/26/2020 - Bug fixes including alert messaging when spin preventer is kicked in commands are sent, an increase when pressing the Up and Down button (from 5% to 10%), support for ProNav 2.2.31 (including the latest updater)

Version 1.172 - 6/16/2020 - Bug fixes, support for ProNav 2.2.23

Version 1.171 - 5/22/2020 - Bug fixes, improvements to Anchor Guard, reporting of ProNav lower direction (when using next gen lower), ability to turn WiFi on/off remotely, improved error reporting when GPS/Compass are bad, support for ProNav 2.2.21

Version 1.163 - 4/19/2020 - Bug fixes, new app layout, new app icon, updated backend libraries, adding of warning/yellow message, disabling of auto shutdown when BT is disabled, detection of lock based on PN lock bit instead of lat/long, creation of Anchor Guard, support for ProNav 2.2.11

Version 1.151 - 3/14/2020 - Bug fixes, added BotStatus info, support for Pixel 1 and Pixel 2 running Android 9 (not 10)

Version 1.142 - 3/7/2020 - Bug fixes, increased ProNav firmware 2.x support, auto clearing of BT stack in Android whenver the app opens

Version 1.141 - 3/1/2020 - Bug fixes, ProNav firmware 2.x support, ProNav updater that works with hardware v2 (BT based instead of WiFi based)

Version 1.134 - 12/21/2019 - BT improvements

Version 1.132 - 11/20/2019 - Performance improvements with bot app around multiple commands stepping on each other, prevention of sending multiple Left 90 and Right 90 in sequence, improvement to both BT scan routines

Version 1.130 - 11/10/2019 - Bug fix around satellite count reporting

Version 1.129 - 11/8/2019 - Bug fixes around disabling Google Play Store, FollowMe Beta, battery alert code, satellite count reporting

Version 1.127 - 10/17/2019 - Small change to battery alert code

Version 1.126 - 10/16/2019 - Bug fixes including adding slightly more delay between bluetooth calls for ProNav, added ability to issue HARDCAL command, added battery alert at 15%, set colors of icons to green when using bot phone without ProNav

Version 1.122 - 10/10/2019 - Bug fixes including making Reprovision routines more robust, removing bug in SignalR Disconnected routine, adding try/catch inside all task.run commands, adding AppCenter.ms bug reporting, removing old compass and orientation routines, and removing delay from chat routines that could crash app when connection is low quality. Added in ability for a bot phone to report as a fake bot without a ProNav. Added in phone data reading about SIM information like number and IMEI. Added in speed handling including logic improvements for FollowMe.

Version 1.112 - 9/24/2019 - Bug fixes including key fix that keeps BT up when the internet goes down.

Version 1.108 - 9/20/2019 - Bug fixes including updates to Xamarin Forms and Plugin.BLE

Version 1.107 - 9/19/2019 - Bug fixes around BT and ability to read BotStatus logs

Version 1.105 - 9/14/2019 - Fixed critical bug in ProNav connection routines that was injected after 1.93.  All users should either run 1.93 or 1.105+

Version 1.103 - 8/17/2019 - Auto disabling of Android updates and uninstall of Google Play Store

Version 1.98 - 8/10/2019 - Battery reporting now includes propeller speed, improved startup code around when re-launching the bot phone app when the background service is already running, add code to support new calibration mode on startup

Version 1.95 - 8/6/2019 - ProNav V2 support including bug fixes to all BT connection routines

Version 1.93 - 7/27/2019 - Upgraded SignalR dlls to 2.4.1 from 2.3.0.  No feature or bug fixes

Version 1.92 - 7/24/2019 - Improvements to FollowMe beta code including speed control

Version 1.90 - 7/14/2019 - Increased stability around scenarios with low signal strength at startup.  Improvements to FollowMe beta code

Version 1.86 - 5/26/2019 - Bug fixes

Version 1.85 - 5/24/2019 - Enhanced error handling in BT connection and read routines

Version 1.84 - 5/22/2019 - Bug fixes, installs the ProNav firmware updater (must be run manually)

Version 1.79 - 4/6/2019 - Bug fixes, ProNav 1.4.1 compatibility, route playback code (only available in CommanderBeta), enhanced straight line performance (only available in CommanderBeta)

Version 1.68 - 1/9/2019 - Bug fixes, horn code including complex sequences that can be canceled, antiwrap reset counter code, auto shutdown of phone after 10 minutes once power to ProNav and phone is cut, wind code exclusion of data when moving faster than .25knts

Version 1.65 - 11/2/2018 - Bug fixes and antiwrap code that leverages the compass in the MarkSetBot's internal phone

Version 1.61 - 10/2/2018 - Bug fixes and optimization of wind reporting code

Version 1.23 - 7/31/2017 - First public release that was included in Beta MarkSetBots

Version 1.1 - 12/28/2016 - First release designed to work with ProNav hardware 


ProNav Firmware history:

*For FW series 1, the number goes down over time.  For FW series 2, the number goes up over time.    Devices should not be upgraded unless MarkSetBot support notifies you*

Version 75 of FW2 - 9/26/2023 - Release by ProNav fro V0 and V2 hardware including ePropulsion.  Bug fixes to solve compass issues when calibration isn't perfect and when Bots are in steep waves

Version 67 of FW2 - 5/8/2023 - Released by ProNav for V0 and V2 hardware including ePropulsion.  Bug fixes to solve memory leak crashes including the code for compass calibration and damaged packet inspection that are part of 56 plus support for ePropulsion battery data filtering/reading

Version 64 of FW2 - 4/3/2023 - Beta code released by ProNav for V0 and V2 hardware.  Bug fixes to solve memory leak crashes including the code for compass calibration and damaged packet inspection that are part of 56

Version 63 of FW2 - 3/3/2023 - Beta code released by ProNav for V0 and V2 hardware.  Bug fixes to solve memory leak crashes.  Accidentally removed the code for compass calibration and damaged packet inspection that is part of 56

Version 59 of FW2 - 6/10/2022 - Released by ProNav for eProp hardware.  Accidentally removed the code for compass calibration and damaged packet inspection that is part of 56

Version 56 of FW2 - 9/30/2021 - Released by ProNav for V0 and V2 hardware.  Allows for reporting on calibration data, resetting of the compass data while out in the field, triggering Hard Cal (which was temporarily disabled in Version 33), and BT inspection for damaged packets

Version 51 of FW2 - 3/10/2021 - Released by ProNav for V0 and V2 hardware.  Allows for lower to not automatically reset when the upper restarts (used for debugging Revert Restart)

Version 50 of FW2 - 1/21/2021 - Released by ProNav for V0 and V2 hardware.  Fixes bug with GPS lock reporting at startup and brings back the reset of the lower when the ProNav upper starts up that was turned off in 2.2.42

Version 49 of FW2 - 1/14/2021 - Released by ProNav for V0 and V2 hardware including critical bug fix for the GPS chip that was causing occasional reboots of the ProNav Upper, cleanup of minor compile warnings, fix of pointer used during spin prevention, recording of spin prevention being active, increase of watchdog to 8s, and setting spin prevention to go to 5% instead of 0% so that the Minn Kota relay doesn't flip/flop.

Version 44 of FW2 - 12/9/2020 - Released by ProNav for V0 and V2 hardware including spin preventer backing time lowered to 3 seconds (down from 9)

Version 42 of FW2 - 11/18/2020 - Released by ProNav for V0 and V2 hardware including support for HW2 lower with compass (lower firmware 2.1.8), spin preventer moved to thread, reporting of lower uptime, removal of reset of lower when upper resets, software based spin prevention, and bug fixes.

Version 33 of FW2 - 8/1/2020 - Released by ProNav for V0 and V2 hardware including improvements to spin preventer code to prevent BT drops with repetitive preventions in a row.  Hard Cal is no longer needed after this version

Version 31 of FW2 - 7/8/2020 - Released by ProNav for V0 and V2 hardware including bug fixes for compass and GPS, ability to allow more compass and GPS interference before losing anchor, and support for the next gen ProNav Lower.  Also known as 2.2.31

Version 21 of FW2 - 5/22/2020 - Released by ProNav for V0 and V2 hardware including bug fixes for compass and GPS.  Also known as 2.2.21

Version 11 of FW2 - 4/20/2020 - Released by ProNav for V0 and V2 hardware including bug fixes for compass and GPS.  Also known as 2.2.11

Version 65223 - 10/16/2019 - Released by ProNav for V2 hardware with feature to allow calibration to go back to default Hard Cal on every reboot and to allow for Hard Cal to be triggered remotely

Version 65224 - 9/24/2019 - Released by ProNav for V2 hardware with bug fix for GPS crash and BT based Bootloader for future updates

Version 65226 - 8/26/2019 - Released by ProNav for V2 hardware (both upper and lower unit).  Includes support for GLONASS in addition to existing support for GPS. Only available for ProNav V2 hardware

Version 65231 - 5/22/2019 - Released by ProNav and disables the prop temporarily when spinning around after spin preventer has engaged

Version 65232 - 5/3/2019 - Released by ProNav and allows for remotely resetting the GPS and prevents spinning in one direction for more than 7 seconds

Version 65234 - 4/1/2019 - Released by ProNav with bug fixes and non-MSB features.  Also known as 1.4.1.  MSB code 1.79 is needed to work correctly with this firmware

Version 65242 - 11/2018 - Released by ProNav with bug fixes and non-MSB features

Version 65239 - 10/2018 (Beta) - Beta code to try to prevent over-wrapping of the Minn Kota.  No devices should run this code in production.

Version 65249 - 6/2018 - Released by ProNav with bug fixes and non-MSB features

Version 65251 - Original ProNav release that works with MarkSetBot

SUPPORT NOTE: Firmware history can be found by running the following query against the DB: select authtoken, groupname, name, date, message from log where [date] between '1/1/1900' and '12/31/2099' and (message like '%running version%' or message like 'there are%') order by id DESC