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How can I access the MarkSetBot app?

MarkSetBot is controlled via the MarkSetBot Commander website or app.  The site works on all devices that have a web browser - phone, tablet or computer.

The MarkSetBot Commander URL is https://marksetbot.azurewebsites.net/Commander .  Please note, the web app is not compatible with battery saver tech nor offline pages.  If are using the webapp, make sure you disable those in your OS.

We have developed Windows, Android, and iOS apps that mimic the MarkSetBot Commander website above.  The feature set is exactly the same between the app and the website.

For either system, you need a username/account.  This is a two-step process:

1) Create a username at https://marksetbot.azurewebsites.net/account/login (for simplicity, we strongly recommend using the Microsoft, Google or Facebook buttons so that you don't need to remember a new password.)

2) Reach out to support@marksetbot.com to have our customer service team assign a license to your username.

NOTE: Organizations can have an unlimited number of usernames linked to their MarkSetBot(s).