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How do I provision a MarkSetBot that is drop shipped to countries outside the US?

NOTE:  This article is only for MarkSetBots that were not previously provisioned in the MarkSetBot factory.


When you receive a drop-shipped MarkSetBot, you will need to install the following parts:

  1. Pelican retention webbing on hull
  2. Deck on hull
  3. Tow bridle on hull
  4. Topside aft carabiner
  5. Li-Ion battery including pairing to the Bot phone

Pelican Retention Webbing on Hull


  1. (2) pieces of 1in (2.5cm) webbing at 29in (74 cm) long
  2. (1) 1in (2.5cm) Double Side Release Buckle


  1. Loop webbing through D ring on the deck adjacent to Pelican opening
  2. Pass both end of webbing up through the forward slot and down through the aft slot of the buckle
  3. Repeat for the other D Ring

Deck on Hull

  1. (8) M6 x 30 Phillips head screws (in bag with tow bridle)
  2. (8) #10 flat washers (in bag with tow bridle)
  3. (8) #10 External tooth lock washers (in bag with tow bridle)
  4. (1) M6 x 70 Phillips head screw (1 is provided)


  1. Inflate Deck to 40kpa.
  2. Align the deck so the holes in the deck line up with the holes in the Ribports. Make sure the 2 open holes in the T Tracks are towards the Pelican opening on the hull.
  3. Start 1 screw and hand thread into Ribport.
  4. Move to the diagonally opposite corner of the deck and start 1 more screw.
  5. Move to the other 2 corners and start 1 screw by hand. If the holes don’t line up, use the M6 x 70mm as a pry bar to line up 1 hole on the Ribport.
  6. Hand tighten all of the screws until you have all 8 started.
  7. Use a large Phillips screwdriver and tighten each screw until tight.  Best practice is to make sure the heads of the screws are all in line so you can easily see if one is slipping.

Tow Bridle on Hull
Materials: Tow bridle


  1. The carabiner goes toward the bow (the side that has the deck and eventually the motor). Find the line with the untied ends closest to the carabiner. With a bowline, tie each end to the D ring located on the inside edge of the port and starboard pontoon – making sure the knots are centered between the pontoons.
  2. Repeat for the other bare ends so they are tied to the D Rings toward the aft end of the pontoons, making sure you have about 1” (2.5cm) of tail from the bowline and the knot is centered.
  3. Next route the black bungie cord through both D rings on the starboard side of the hull and bowline it loosely back on to the tow line.

Install Topside Carabiner

  1. Small Red Carabiner
  2. Black O-Ring


  1. Slide the black O ring onto the D ring on the bottom of the lowest Topside ring closest to the fill port.
  2. Clip the carabiner to the D ring.
  3. Slide the O ring to hold the Carabiner captive.

Li-Ion Battery including pairing to the Bot Phone

  1. 100 ah LiFePO4 Battery
  2. Troubleshooting Sticker
  3. 50g Dessicant Dehumidifier


  1. Open the lid of the Pelican and remove all contents from the case.
  2. Position the case with the hinge away from you.
  3. Look at the side of the battery and write down the last 4 digits of the serial number (will use in steps below).
  4. Install the battery into the Pelican case with the Black terminal on the left.
  5. Connect all of the black wires and tighten down with a wrench or socket.
  6. Connect the Red wire to the red terminal and tighten with the wrench or socket.
  7. Install the troubleshooting sticker on the top of the battery.
  8. Cut open the packaging and install the Dehumidifier into the space in the foam just in front of the battery (make sure it is positioned horizontally in the open slot so it's locked in place).
  9. Turn on the power switch on the lid of the Pelican and make sure the light is red. The Bot phone should also begin to power up.
  10. Remove the phone from the slot in the Pelican and press the power button once and swipe up from the bottom to unlock the screen.
  11. The battery pairs over Bluetooth and you need to make sure you are far away from any other Bluetooth batteries. So, carry the Pelican 100 ft. (30m) away from other Bot batteries.
  12. With the Bot phone app running, press the Search button next to Battery.
  13. Contact MarkSetBot Support at +1 855-627-5738.  The support team will provide a code to enter.  Enter the access pin, click okay, and wait for the pairing process to complete.
  14. Compare the serial number that is shown in the App to that on the battery itself. If they don’t match repeat the process again.
  15. Once you are done, place the phone in the Pelican case making sure to put the phone into the slot with the buttons down.
  16. Close and latch the Pelican.

Test Motor

  1. Pelican case with Battery installed
  2. Minn Kota motor with matching serial number to the battery


  1. Connect the motor to the Pelican to verify everything is working correctly.
  2. Open the MSB app on your phone (not the Bot Phone in the Pelican).
  3. Tap the Bot number and click Remote in the Bot menu.
  4. Press Left 90 and make sure the steering motor collar turns left.
  5. Then press Right 90 and make sure the steering motor collar turns right.
  6. If the prop still has the shipping collar installed, loosen the wing nut on the prop slightly.  If the prop is installed, make sure it is clear of the shipping frame or MarkSetBot deck.
  7. Press Go and hit 60% and make sure the prop/prop shaft spin anti-clockwise.
  8. While the prop is spinning, click Menu –> Battery and make sure the battery is properly showing a load (it should read something like 99% at 13.31V (-2.5A at 60%).

If you have multiple Bots, you'll want to turn off the Bot you're working on before proceeding to the next one.