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How does TracTrac integrate with RaceOS and MarkSetBot

  1. Prerequisite Checklist
    1. Getting quote from TracTrac (two weeks ahead of time) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScGnDNEBw8CXGcTRZH2fTBg0YIsI4axyRQfp_f01vtm2HGOjw/viewform
    2. Buy VHF Baofeng uv-5r (if not purchased via MarkSetBot, needs to be programmed to have marine channels and to have VOX set to level 1)
    3. Buy AirFly Pro (link to buy)
    4. Ensure Bot Phones are running 1.218+
    5. Ask TracTrac support to create MarkSetBot devices named "5000000001" where "00001" is the 5 digit serial number of each of your Bots (for RaceOS that is usually three devices you will have them create)
    6. Lookup your event url in TracTrac.  It will be something like https://club.tractrac.com/events/event_20200929_CrescentSa/jsonservice.php
    7. Ask MarkSetBot support:
      1. To set event URL in the format "TT|https://club.tractrac.com/events/event_20200929_CrescentSa/jsonservice.php" where "TT" means TracTrac and "https://club.tractrac.com/events/event_20200929_CrescentSa/jsonservice.php" is the event url from step 4.  MSB support will need you to input your TracTrac userid and password once
      2. To configure each Bot to report location by setting "TT|em.club.tractrac.com|5000000028" where "TT" means TracTrac, "em.club.tractrac.com" is the URL you use to manage TracTrac, and "5000000001" is the number from step 3
      3. NOTE: Both settings can be disabled by adding "x" at the front of them
  2. Pre-Event Checklist in TracTrac event manager
    1. Enable trackers for the day via the TracTrac Status tab
      1. Check devices and enabled Intensive via SMS button (necessary before doing Ultra Low Latency
      2. Check devices and enabled Ultra Low Latency via SMS button
    2. Setup competitors including Unique Id being their cellphone in the format +18556275738 and optional Description being their hull number or sailnumber 
    3. Setup TracTrac race
      1. Configure the course with marks (easiest setup is three Bots total with no RC boats)
      2. Join competitors to the race pairing the tracker that each will get 
    4. Clone race so that you have the max number of races possible for the day (no harm in having extras)
    5. Charge VHF and AirFly Pro.
    6. Toggle the switch on the side of the AirFly Pro to "TX". 
    7. Follow the AirFly Pro instructions to Bluetooth pair it to the Bot Phone that has the horn system.
    8. Plug-in AirFly Pro to the VHF.
  3. Event Checklist in MarkSetBot Commander
    1. At skippers meeting, click "Test Notification" in Horn screen and confirm horn, VHF and SMS works
    2. Use wind screen to determine course direction
    3. Use horn screen to start a sequence (will trigger race in TracTrac as long as TracTrac is linked to MarkSetBot correctly)
  4. Post-Event Checklist
    1. Disable trackers via the TracTrac Status
      1. Check devices and send Back to TCP via SMS button
      2. Check devices and send Sleep via regular command button