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How to get insurance related to your MarkSetBot(s)

DISCLAIMER: The MarkSetBot team is not responsible for the contents of this article.  We are not an insurance company and are publishing it as a courtesy.  Make sure to consult with a trained insurance agent.

The MarkSetBot team has researched on your behalf to make finding Bot insurance less difficult.  In talking with various insurance companies, we have found that the bots can generally be insured like regular small boats.

You may find they can be added to your homeowner's insurance policy (if the bots are owned by a specific member) or the club's existing liability policy (if the bots are club owned).  Talk to your normal insurance company as a first step.  A fundamental decision is if you want Liability + Property coverage or just Liability coverage.  Since most parts of the MarkSetBot can be fixed for less than a common deductible, you may find that Liability only is the right way to go.

If you strike out with your current company, Scottsdale Insurance Company or the Gowrie Group could be good alternatives.

As of 6/2023, MarkSetBot is insured with Scottsdale Insurance Company on all the bots we manufacture, rent, and sell.  We worked with Hudson and Muma in the Detroit area (United States) for the Scottsdale Policy. If you choose to reach out to them, mention MarkSetBot.  They should be able to connect you to someone who will be familiar.  We have also attached a sample of our insurance binder.

As mentioned, the Gowrie Group is another potential source for a policy. Gowrie has a specialization in marine insurance including insurance for yacht clubs , so they are more likely to understand your unique needs.

Insurance coverage sometimes works differently outside of the United States.  If you are trying to insure your Bots in another country, you will need to talk to your insurance professional to identify the best coverage options.


 Insurance Sample Clean.pdf