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How to setup Nexus 5X, Pixel 2, or Pixel 3 if mine needs to be replaced

MarkSetBot Bot phones support Nexus 5X (Android 8.1), Pixel 2 (Android 9 or 10), Pixel 3 (Android 9 or 10).  The steps are near identical except that the files downloaded and executed are different.  The original steps used a program called CF-Auto-Root.  That program has been replaced by Magisk.

NOTE: As of April 1, 2022, Android 11 is not compatible with the MarkSetBot app because it causes OS crashes.

The steps below have only been tested on Windows PCs.  If you need to do this from another operating system, reach out to support@marksetbot.com for help.

  1. Boot phone and enable Development Mode (Settings>System>About: Tap 6 times on "Build Number")
  2. Via Settings>Developer Options: Enable "OEM Unlocking" (if you have problems, see the note at the bottom of this article)
  3. Unplug and power off phone
  4. Hold volume down + power until bootloader starts
  5. Extract firmware and root tool from .zip file (click the "Download" link in the upper left and not the "Nexus5X" or "Pixel 2" link in the middle of the page)
    1. Nexus 5X download here
    2. Pixel 2 download here
    3. Pixel 3 download here
    4. Pixel 3XL download here
  6. Plug in the phone via USB to laptop
  7. Run firmware update via (if you have trouble with this step, go to Windows Device Manager and confirm the ADB driver is installed - if not install the Google USB driver from the .zip file)
    1. \Nexus5X\_Step1-bullhead-bhz32c\flash-all.bat
    2. \Pixel2\_Step1-walleye-rp1a.201005.004.a1\flash-all.bat
    3. \Pixel3\_Step1-blueline-rq3a.211001.001\flash-all.bat
    4. \Pixel3XL\_Step1-crosshatch-qq3a.200805.001\flash-all.bat
  8. Accept prompt via volume up button and press the power button to confirm
  9. Wait for startup (10 minutes)
  10. Step through wizard skipping every field possible and accepting the defaults - MAKE SURE TO PICK ENGLISH US WHEN IT ASKS
  11. Unplug the phone from the computer and power off phone
  12. Hold volume down + power button until bootloader starts
  13. Plug the phone back in
  14. Run root via
    1. \Nexus5X\_Step2-Magisk\root.bat
    2. \Pixel2\_Step2-Magisk\root.bat
    3. \Pixel3\_Step2-Magisk\root.bat
    4. \Pixel3XL\_Step2-Magisk\root.bat
  15. Wait for startup
  16. On the phone, download Magisk and MarkSetBot APK files from https://marksetbot.azurewebsites.net/D
  17. Install Magisk letting it auto configure.  You will need to approve install from unknown sources during the install.  Chrome will ask for permission. Once you click "Allow" press the Back button and click "Install"
  18. Disable Magisk update checks
  19. Install MSB app
  20. Run the MSB app
  21. Tap "Grant" when Magisk asks permission
  22. Tap the "Kill App" button to confirm it works.  If it doesn't, one of the steps above around rooting was likely missed.  
  23. Reopen the app and send the phone code displayed in the app to support@marksetbot.com telling them that you got a new phone, have gone through the provisioning steps, and need to swap your old phone for your new one (if you have multiple bots, make sure to mention the five digit Bot number that needs the swap)