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How to test Minn Kota PowerDrive V2 or Riptide PowerDrive

If your Minn Kota prop isn't spinning and/or the right and left control isn't turning, watch the video below.

Here is a picture of the pin layout:


NOTE 1: The turning motor will only spin for 8sec at a time


NOTE 2: If you attach a volt meter to the steering motor leads, they will report a voltage even when the motor isn't being controlled. You will see around 11.9v at rest.  When giving a steering command, you will get 13v'ish


The pins in the foot pedal map to the following colors:

1) Black

2) Brown

3) Nothing (12V but isn't used with foot pedal - DO NOT TOUCH THIS PIN)

4) Orange

5) Yellow

6) Green

7) Blue