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What do I need to do when my rental is over?

As you prepare to return your Bot(s), we have assembled some resources to help ensure you receive your entire security deposit.

1. Rinse your Bot of dirt and/or salt and allow it to fully dry before packing.  A $50 penalty will be charged for dirty or salty equipment.

2. Inspect your inflatable components for any holes.  If you are comfortable repairing PVC, please repair the holes.  If you are not comfortable repairing PVC, identify the ring, pontoon, or hull that is leaking and add a note using painter's tape by the valve so that it is easy for us to find.  A penalty of $20 per hole will apply for unreported holes.  Reported (but unrepaired) holes will be charged $5/each.  Please see our training video on repairing PVC.

3. Charge your Bot fully.  A $25 penalty will be charged for discharged batteries.

4. If there is a problem with your motor, please let us know.  A penalty of $100 will be charged for any broken motor returned without advanced notice.  Make sure to install the black shipping collar on the prop shaft.  A penalty of $50 will charged for motors that are shipped without the collar.


Cleaned, charged and ready to ship?  Check out our Shipping Training video.  We’ll walk you through packing the Bot so it stays safe during shipping.

Finally, please be sure to return your Bot on time.  The late return fee is $250/week per Bot.

If you have any questions, reach out to our Support Team at support@marksetbot.com.