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What hardware improvements are available for me to retrofit or upgrade my Bots?

The MarkSetBot team is regularly evolving the product to make it more robust and to have more features.


If you want to stay up-to-date with our latest innovations, connect with our support team via support@marksetbot.com to get the necessary upgrades. Depending on your agreement, parts may be included at no cost, or you may have to pay a fee.  Shipping is typically extra.



1) Splashguard - This is our #1 upgrade recommendation.  The splashguard will keep your motor and other electronics dry.

2) Topside - The latest topside rings taper less as you progress from the lowest ring to the highest ring.  This design keeps the topside away from the motor.  There is a simple retrofit available that helps older topsides to stay away from the motor.  Here is a link: https://youtu.be/AjFuTZ-HnJY

3) Tow Bridle - The tow bridle is now built into the hull and retracts away via a bungee cord.  The latest version has a carabiner in the back that keeps the tow bridle out of the water.

4) Offgrid remote app - All Bots are able to have Offgrid remote capabilities enabled.  The app allows for anchoring, stopping, left, right, faster, and slower.




1) Remote Control - Our new remote allows control of the Bot when cellular isn't available.  The remote doesn't have all the features of the full app but does allow anchoring and manual control of the motor.  It can also be used in conjunction with the Bot Phone.  You can toggle back and forth sending commands from the remote and then from the app.  This is an optional component.


2) GPS System - The ProNav system has undergone an overhaul.  The lower now has two wires.  It is powered via the Minn Kota.  This allows all three Y adapters to go away, which removes 7 connectors that can corrode or fail.  In addition, the lower has been relocated to the Starboard side of the motor to move it away from the Minn Kota spiral cable.


3) Topside - The new topside switches from 5 rings to 4 rings.  We made this change to cut down on assembly time, reduce the number of parts, and to make lifting the motor easy.  The rings are now attached to each other with twist lock fasteners.  This allows you to reduce the size of the marks easily and makes finding leaks easier by being able to submerge one ring at a time.


4) Corrosion Prevention and Waterproofing - All connectors on the Minn Kota are now coated with CorrosionX and then sealed with Scotchkote.


5) Spin Preventer V2 - The latest spin preventer allows an extra 120 degrees of movement before kicking in.  This means it ends up kicking in less with better position holding in light air and current.  Instead of 300 degrees of possible rotation there is now 420 degrees.


6) Communication System - The Nexus 5X has been replaced with the Pixel 2.  The Pixel 2 is waterproof, which ensure any moisture inside the case won't cause a failure.


7) GPS Mount - The GPS is now higher up in the motor head and screwed in place.  This was done to move the compass farther from the main power wires and to ensure it can't shift around at all.  The view port for the ProNav is also larger


8) Motor Height/Depth - The motor height is now set with a gap of 10" instead of 5.5".  This makes deployment and stowing easier.  It also improves speed.


9) Hull - The new hull has a longer base for the deck mounts, includes d-rings on each side of the Pelican case to lock the box in place, and has carrying handles that are closer to each other to make carrying easier.  This change must be accompanied by a new deck.  The fastener package has also been upgraded.  The screws are now longer and have lock washers


10) Deck - The deck now mates with the latest hull's longer mount foot print.  It also comes with an aluminum track for the Minn Kota which is stronger than the Starports used in V3.


11) Wind and horn mast - The wind and horn systems now come with an aluminum mast that folds up.  A Starport and Quickport are used to hold the mast in place, and Dyneema lines lock the mast in place.  The horn system has 2 mast segments and the wind system has 4 mast segments.  A mast can have both a horn and wind system at the same time.


12) Pelican Case - There is now a reflective laminate on the Pelican case.  This dramatically reduces the temperature inside the case.




The following videos are below:

1) Waterproofing the upper Minn Kota

2) Waterproofing the lower Minn Kota

3) Moving the ProNav to the inside of the upper Minn Kota

4) Installing spin preventer

5) Modifying the frame to be less sharp to prevent inflatable topside holes

6) Upgrading ProNav to spin preventer version


Waterproofing the upper Minn Kota


Waterproofing the lower Minn Kota


Moving the ProNav to the inside of the upper Minn Kota (for version 2 Bots only)


Installing spin preventer (for version 2 Bots only)


Modifying the frame to be less sharp to prevent inflatable topside holes (for version 2 Bots only)


Upgrading ProNav firmware

Here is our article on upgrading the ProNav firmware.  It takes around 10 minutes.