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What steps should I follow to power on the MarkSetBot and what are each of the electronic components?

How to turn MarkSetBot on (see video below for a visual):

  1. Verify power wires are connected
  2. Depress the power botton on the Pelican battery case.
  3. Verify the motor has power (press test on the motor unit; you should see 4 red LEDs light up)
  4. Verify the ProNav has power (look at the view port in the motor head and you should see the LED light)
  5. Ensure the prop is clear (turn and hold the motor head to ensure the prop is away from the deck) 
  6. Test left, right, and thrust in the app

How to turn MarkSetBot off - Press the power switch turning the Bot from on to off.  This will tell the Bot Phone to shutdown in 10 minutes.

Here is a video showing all the electronics including the ProNav HW2 lower and upper:

Here is a video showing all the electronics of older Bots with a ProNav HW0 lower: