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What do I need to know about the MarkSetBot commander app? What is the best device for controlling the Bots?


The MarkSetBot app is very easy to use.

Here is a 10 minute video that covers everything you need to know.  The first 3 minutes show the basic app functions, and the rest of the video goes into the full detail:


This article shows you how to access the App: https://support.marksetbot.com/how-can-i-access-the-marksetbot-app.


RECOMMENDATION: If it is your first time using the MSB, setup the MarkSetBot deck on land using a table or something similar.  It is ideal to do it outside so that you get a GPS lock.  Make sure the motor head and prop are free to spin.  You will be able to test all the functions of the app without the risk of running into things.



If you are looking for a recommendation on waterproof devices, we have found two that work when soaking wet.  Most waterproof phones and tablets don't work well when very wet (the screen jumps around).  These devices allow you to switch to a pen/stylus when it is raining.

IMPORTANT: We have found that the GPS accuracy in devices WITHOUT cellular/SIM built-in is very poor.  GPS accuracy is critical because our App does many calculations based on your position.  If you don't pick one of the devices below, make sure to get something that has cellular/SIM built-in.

SAMSUNG Galaxy TabActive4 Pro 10.1” 64GB 5G Android Work Tablet, LTE Unlocked, 4GB RAM, Rugged Design, Sensitive Touchscreen, Long-Battery Life-for Workers, SM-T638UZKAN14



For Samsung devices, you will want to tweak the configuration to have the best experience:

  1. Update the OS to the latest over WiFi
  2. Disable double tap to wake via Advanced Features > Motion and Gestures > Double Tap to Wake = Off
  3. Change power button to be on/off instead of Bixby assistant via Advanced Features > Side key > Press and hold = Power off menu
  4. Disable Lock Screen via Settings > Lock Screen > Screen Type = None
  5. Disable Google Play updates
  6. Disable Samsung Store updates by not opening the app
  7. If using Twilio Super SIMs, setup all the APNs in this article (three of them won't show on your screen after saving but they have actually saved) Super SIM APN Configuration - Twilio

If you have problems with menu names running off the menu in Android (as seen below), it is because of font scaling on your phone.  To adjust this, go to Settings > Display > Font size:

For Pixel phones, you will want to pick the second dot/spot on the slider

For Samsung phones, you will want to pick the third dot/spot on the slider